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Activities and Education System:


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Aims and Objectives of Jamiatussalihat:

Social, Welfare & Educational Institution


  1. To include among the Muslim girls a strong religious zeal so as to strengthen their Islamic belief of faith.

  2. To acquaint them with Quran, Hadith and other virtues of Islam (Fiqah) through teaching in Arabic language.

  3. To develop and prepare.

    1. A lady who may prove to be a great asset to Islam as far as Islam and Islamic preaching is concerned, she may lead and be a true representative of Islam in all walks of life.

    2. A lady who may executive her duties successfully in reforming the society and be a source of religious inspiration for the generation, capable of arousing Islamic spirit among the children.

    3. A lady who after acquiring complete Islamic knowledge be able to groom others and also eradicate the shortcomings experienced by women due to westernization.

    4.  A lady who may not only be able to lead a homely life herself but also be an ideal lady for others.

  4. Apart from the aforesaid objectives, the Jamia also aims to provide computer and various other technical education.


Academic Programme

The JAMIATUSSALIHAT has chalked out a comprehensive teaching programme with main stress on Islamic education, covering wide range of subject areas as depicted below:

Islamic Education

  1. Primary Education - To provide primary education to children of age group of 5 plus.

  2. Tahfeez-ul-Quran - In this stage students shall be motivated to complete the memorization of the holy Quran in accordance with the basic principles of Tajweed.

  3. Aalima Course - The aim of this course is to help the students to develop an all round knowledge and understanding of the main principles of Hadith. ‘Tafseer and Fiqah’ The duration of this course shall be five years.

Other Courses

  1. Religious Training - Six months course (for Dawat-e-Tabligh).

  2. Teachers Training - One year’s course.

  3. Computer Training - One year’s course.

  4. Cooking course.

  5. Ifta Course.


The institute is situated close to Lucknow-Varanasi Highway. It is about 6 Km. frorn Pratapgarh Railway Junction.

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Class Room:


At present the Jamia building consists of the following: A lawn and two halls which is mainly used for the purpose of ‘Namaz’ and conferences.


A small guest room for visitors.


An office room and a small library.


24 small rooms where the students reside as well as study.



The Jamia is compelled to use the hostel as class rooms due to paucity of funds. The students somehow try to adjust themselves in them.

Dining Hall:


The Jamia has no proper dining halls as a result of which girl students are forced to take meals in the open area. In order to provide timely meals, the Jamia needs a spacious kitchen and dining hall which is not currently possible due to lack of funds.



Yearly institution running cost (excluding construction costs):


Appx. 36 Lakhs Indian Rupees (Appx. £50,000 GBP).


Yearly cost of educating and maintaining each child:


Appx. Rs. 6,500 (£90 GBP) per child (only boarding)


Appx. Rs. 9,500 (£130 GBP) per child (all costs inclusive)


Source of Funding:

Muslim well-wishers within India and abroad.


Humble Appeal to well-wishers around the world:

It is our humble and earnest appeal to all Muslims around the world to sponsor the poor children and orphans at our Jamia. The total period taken for their studies as Aalima and Fazilah is 6 years. The total expense to sponsor one girl for a year is appx £130 and for the duration of her studies is only £780.


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